Hi, I'm Shubham!

Blockchain Architect


My profile picture.

This is my Introduction:

I am Blockchain Architect and Ethereum open source contributor, I have been working on Blockchain technologies since 2015 onwards. I entered into Blockchain space because I truly believe that this is the future of Internet and I want to make this a reality. My life’s goal is to build a fully decentralized world where everything is transparent and full of trust.


Some Technologies I play with:

Programming Languages: JavaScript, Python, GoLang, Solidity

Frameworks: Node.js, Express.js, React, Angular, Django, Flask

Blockchain: Ethereum, Hyperledger, IPFS, Web3.js, Remix, Truffle

Databases: MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB

Linux: Ubuntu, LinuxMint, CentOS

DevOps: Docker, Kubernetes, OpenStack, Jenkins, Nginx, Apache

Cloud: AWS, GCP, Azure, Heroku

AI: Kubeflow, Jupyterhub, Jupyter Notebook

Tools: Git, Github, Gitlab, Jira, Trello


I am always searching for new things to learn, and connecting with awesome people,

If you think you are the one feel free to contact me anytime you like.

My current local time is .